In the list of basketball fundamentals or the  list of  fundamental skills basketball, I have briefly discussed the different fundamentals or skills needed to compete in basketball.  It is my desire not only to make lists and make sure that everyone understands the need for fundamentals, but also to give ways for everyone to grow in them.   

As I mentioned, I have 5 kids and three of them are very much into basketball.  They have each been playing since they were around 5.  All of them practice every aspect of their game, dribbling, working on handles, shooting, defense, and of course the list could keep going.  None of them wants to be a one dimensional player, so they diligently work on each part of their game.  In fact they wake me every morning at 5 to say let’s go train dad.  One fundamental you need is heart/desire.  You as a player or as a coach must want it.  You must be willing to work, and to grow. Having the heart to put in the tough work needed.

The thing I have noted with each of them is that different aspects of their games come together at different intervals for each of them.  One developed handles instantly.  After being shown a dribbling drill she would lock herself away in her room and practice that drill tell she had it down.  On the other hand one fell in love with Reggie Miller after watching him You Tube.  Each of them has developed differently, they workout together, and they do the same drills together, each day.  I say all this simply to say, if you and a friend are working out together and you develop differently that’s ok.  Just don’t give up. Keep pressing on.

As we start to break this list of fundamentals for basketball down dive in head first.  Look to be the hardest training person you know.  In order to get better, to have the skill set you want, you will need to work and work hard.  In the end when all the work has been put in and your skills are developing and people take note, you will realize it was well worth the hard work.

Coach don’t give up keep pressing on, pushing them to work hard, developing and growing in their skills. Make it fun, let your players fall in love with the game, but also push them to be the best, that way they can achieve the goals they set for themselves.

Dribbling and Shooting are important.  Every player should be working diligently on his or her game and dribbling and shooting are two facets that should get daily attention.  Which is more important?  That’s up for debate, but I’ll tell you one thing, you will never survive a basketball game without both.  How important is shooting?  You could ask anyone on Miami or the San Antonio.  Remember when Ray Allen hit the game tying 3 with 5 seconds remaining in game 6 of the championship.  You can watch it below its beautiful.

That was as far as we made it on our list of basketball skills in part 1, let’s move on once again.

Passing You can never underestimate the importance of having good passing.  Some of the greatest players were incredible passers.  Larry Bird, oh man watching highlights of his games the passes he would make were simply amazing.  How do you break the press, dribbling not primarily, primarily you pass.  Pass to break the press is what the coach always yells.  

Footwork This fundamental sure seems to get missed.  Offensive footwork, pivoting, proper foot for a layup.  It is crazy the number of Middle School kids I watch go through tryouts doing an improper layup.  Always the wrong foot.  Let’s throw stopping in with footwork.  Do I jump stop, or a one two landing, what is the best, does situation dictate?  So many questions.  Changing direction, jab step, faking, cutting, defensive footwork.   All fundamentals? Ya, all fundamentals.

Screens – Setting and Using, it can be the most frustrating thing to watch a player set a perfect screen, only to watch the ball handler ignore the screen.  Why didn’t you use the screen?  What screen.  So important to recognize a screen.

And we will end with what might be one of the most ignored:

Moving without the ball – Ever been to a Middle School or even a High School game where a player passes the ball off then just grows roots.  They get so frustrated, when they don’t get the ball back, but how can they?  They don’t move!  As a defender playing man to man you have to love the assignment of covering the player who never moves.  Sure makes life easy.

So there you go we made a list of basketball skills that are needed in development of good basketball players.  These are the fundamental skills basketball players need.  If you have anything to add or any questions please leave a comment below.

Fundamental skills basketball?

What are they?

How do I coach them?

When do I stop coaching them?

Are their fundamental skills drills I can run with my players?

As a coach, especially as a new coach, an inexperienced coach, these are all questions good question, and questions I think we have all probably asked.  Without a doubt their are fundamental skills for basketball and they are skills that not only need to be taught be need to be reinforced time and time again.  Let’s try to tackle these questions:

  1.  What are the fundamental skills for basketball?

We can all probably name some right off the top of our head very easily.  I’ll tell you the ones that come to mind for me.

Dribbling if you can’t dribble, you will not be able to advance the ball up the court.  As a team if you have people on the floor who cannot get the ball up the court then your opponent will exploit your weakness.  A good coach with a good swarming defense will press you and look to take advantage of your lack of this fundamental skill set.  Teach your team to dribble, it really does not matter if they are your big men or not.  Everyone needs to be a proficient dribbler.

Shooting if you can’t shoot how do you score?  The ball has to go through the hoop to put points on the board.  Some coaches might actually say. We don’t really need to be able to shoot, we can just drive to the basket for points.  Even if it were possible, to simply drive the ball down the lane every time you had it in your possession, this would make you a one dimensional team   Who really wants to be a one dimensional player?

Now I know that their are many more fundamentals skills for basketball that we need to cover and in future posts we will be sure to cover them.  

For right now however, I would like to give a brief answer for the other questions.

How do I coach them over the next couple of days I will give you some drills or some information for drills to use.  The most important thing is to make them fun, design your practice plan in such a way that they want to do the drills.    This is by no means an easy task.

When do I stop coaching them?  We never stop coaching fundamental skills!  The amount of time we spend on drills for those skills may change but the coaching of fundamentals should/will never stop.

Are their fundamental skills drills I can run with my players?  More to come, if you have found this information helpful, have questions or a little insight of your own please leave me a comment below.