I Want to Be a Coach!

More specifically I want to be a coach for basketball.  A coach who teaches basketball basics for all of his players.  No actually basketball basics to anyone who will listen.  Basics or maybe I should say fundamentals mean so much in the game of basketball.  Without good fundamentals you will never be a great player.  

What do I Need to Be a Good Coach?

Maybe the most important quality you need as a coach is to be teachable.  To actually never stop learning the game.  Once you come to the place where you feel you have arrived, your on your way to being a bad coach.  A good coach is always learning and growing.  A good coach is watching other more experienced coaches and learning why they do what they do.  A good coach has strong self esteem, good character, and good communication skills.  A good coach will realize his main job is teaching.  A good coach works to develops players he does not just worry about winning games.

Am I a Basketball Dummy?

This week after reading an article from a well known trainer I realized how little I know about the game of basketball.  I instantly started researching offenses, defenses, and when to use what.  In the article a coach was asked: Can you explain how to manipulate a guard trying to down a angled ball screen to attack at a 45? Can you give me 4-5 options off of a horns set? What are 2 secondary reads off a floppy set? To be honest it sure made my head spin, but more than that it made me realize that there is so much I just don’t know.  Maybe I am a basketball dummy, but then again maybe they’re needs to be a little basketball dummy in all coaches to keep us motivated to keep on learning and growing.