Fundamental Skills Basketball -part 2

Dribbling and Shooting are important.  Every player should be working diligently on his or her game and dribbling and shooting are two facets that should get daily attention.  Which is more important?  That’s up for debate, but I’ll tell you one thing, you will never survive a basketball game without both.  How important is shooting?  You could ask anyone on Miami or the San Antonio.  Remember when Ray Allen hit the game tying 3 with 5 seconds remaining in game 6 of the championship.  You can watch it below its beautiful.

That was as far as we made it on our list of basketball skills in part 1, let’s move on once again.

Passing You can never underestimate the importance of having good passing.  Some of the greatest players were incredible passers.  Larry Bird, oh man watching highlights of his games the passes he would make were simply amazing.  How do you break the press, dribbling not primarily, primarily you pass.  Pass to break the press is what the coach always yells.  

Footwork This fundamental sure seems to get missed.  Offensive footwork, pivoting, proper foot for a layup.  It is crazy the number of Middle School kids I watch go through tryouts doing an improper layup.  Always the wrong foot.  Let’s throw stopping in with footwork.  Do I jump stop, or a one two landing, what is the best, does situation dictate?  So many questions.  Changing direction, jab step, faking, cutting, defensive footwork.   All fundamentals? Ya, all fundamentals.

Screens – Setting and Using, it can be the most frustrating thing to watch a player set a perfect screen, only to watch the ball handler ignore the screen.  Why didn’t you use the screen?  What screen.  So important to recognize a screen.

And we will end with what might be one of the most ignored:

Moving without the ball – Ever been to a Middle School or even a High School game where a player passes the ball off then just grows roots.  They get so frustrated, when they don’t get the ball back, but how can they?  They don’t move!  As a defender playing man to man you have to love the assignment of covering the player who never moves.  Sure makes life easy.

So there you go we made a list of basketball skills that are needed in development of good basketball players.  These are the fundamental skills basketball players need.  If you have anything to add or any questions please leave a comment below.