Fundamental Drills for Fun

Quick question, if your kids do not like working on fundamentals, are you making it fun?  No kid is going to enjoy something that is not fun.  Hopefully, I can give you some basketball drills, kids will not find boring.  Over the years I have taken different drills that I have found,  and turned them into a competition.  The kids seem to love it.  I try really hard to incorporate into our practice the things that I notice we failed on the most in our last game.  I don’t generally look at the plays and think they failed.  I look more at our fundamentals and have come to realize that more times then not, we faltered in our execution of simple fundamentals.

Competition and Drills

It is really pretty easy to take any drill and make it into a competition.  For instance when we open practice we start with dribbling.  We work speed and endurance.  I totally believe the way you practice is the way you will play.  If you are lazy and sloppy in practice it will show in the game at some point.

1st Drill for speed and endurance

I set 4 cones up in a line for 4 different teams.  That comes out to be 16 cones.  The cones are spaced out the full length of the court.  Roughly the free throw line, center court, opposite free throw line and finally the far baseline.  Each player has to dribble full speed around the first cone (making sure to touch the cone on the way around) back to the start, then off to cone 2.  I use really low cones to force them down low.   After the first player has gone all the way through all 4 cones, the second player goes.  The drill ends when each player has made it through twice.  Of course the winning team is the first to complete the drill.  For our team, generally we award pushups, the number depends on what order you came in.

2nd Drill for speed, endurance, and ball handling

Same 4 cones only this time we incorporate several crossovers.  Cross over in front, through the legs, behind the back, and usually a spin move.  Again we run this as a competition with our teams.

3rd Drill geared towards layups

We use two balls, one is simply to hold while, the other is a wrap around while you dribble down for a layup.  This time we go for speed and makes.  Although the makes are what really count, we want game speed as though you just got the ball and are running a fast break.  So if two teams tie on makes, then the speed is the deciding factor.

4th Drill incorporates a little defense, shooting and layups  

I encourage everyone to have at least one move in their arsenal that they are very proficient at.  A cross over, a spin move, really any move as long as they do it well.  This time we place someone on the right side of the court about even with top of the key.  They are the defender, it is their goal to stay low move side to side and stop the offensive team from getting past.  The offensive player is only given so much  space to move within, they must stay in-bounds.  They need to cross up the defender to go make their layup to get the points.  This drill is based on makes and speed.  We run this drill for layups, floaters, mid range and 3s.  Each player goes through 3 times at each basket for a total of 6 shots per player, per shot.


By the time we are done with these drills they have worked on each part of their game.  They have worked on them at game speed, and are becoming more and more ready for their next game. If you have any drills you do that you think work well please add them in the comments to share with everyone.